• Author: Emiliano Romanelli
  • Title: #778CAD (Postcard)
  • Catalog: Terziruolo # 01
  • Release: 1st October 2012
  • Media: Print on paper
  • Format: 10.5 x 14.8 cm
  • Edition: 7305

Paper: Cordenons Malmero Blanc 600 gm² (laminated); Extent: recto and verso; Print: lithographic and letterpress; Color: 778CAD Ink and Pantone Cool Gray 5 U; Font: Adobe Minion Pro

Printed by Luca Pesatori for Tipografia Pesatori, Milano, Italy

The first edition of Terziruolo is the work: #778CAD (Postcard) dedicated to the memory of color and its space/time perception through serial reproduction.

The work is a hexadecimal color code which represents the average tone of 333 RGB sampling done on the same number of photographs. Those shots were taken from a windowed sky view in a home in Città Sant'Angelo (Abruzzo, Italy); taken during daylight hours between 1991 (year the window was built) and 2011.

#778CAD (Postcard) as a possible and personal interpretation of the classical turistic postcard.